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Where the Awkward Things Are

Jul 25 '14


Cosplay: Yue Ying Sengoku Mousou 7 ( Dynasty Warriors 8)

Cosplayer:  Sunneh

Photographer: Shides

Debut: Anime North 2014

Sooo…Between Cosplay making and trying to catch up on things. I have taken a break to light-edit some of our photos from AN 2014 again. There’s still alot of photos needing to be done and they take so much time D: but I’m doing them in slow small batches.

Jul 25 '14


tsuritama season 2 confirmed

Jul 25 '14



It’s not John Green’s fault that Laverne Cox wasn’t included the TIME 100.

John Green did not make the decision to not include Laverne Cox in the TIME 100.

John Green being included in the TIME 100 and Laverne Cox not being included does not reflect badly on him— it reflects badly on TIME magazine.

Stop acting like children and place blame where it belongs instead of looking for a fucking scapegoat.

Stop being mad at John Green for things he didn’t do/he didn’t have control over 2K14

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Jul 24 '14


being a multifandom blog means that there will be times when you forget that you have multiple fandoms and spend 2 hours blogging about one thing

Jul 24 '14
Jul 24 '14
  • Koujaku: There's no BL in this anime, but we have to show our love for Aoba somehow...
  • Mink: I glared at him
  • Ren: Our foreheads brushed together affectionately in a sincere moment and I called him baby
  • Clear: AH, I got to carry master to safety and speak to him! He even kicked me~
  • Koujaku: That's nothing, I got to go to his house, see his sleeping face, eat delicious food with him and almost touch his hair
  • Noiz: I kissed him
  • Koujaku: ...
  • Noiz: ...
  • Koujaku: you fuCKING PIECE OF SHIT-
Jul 24 '14

Persona 4 Golden - Fireworks

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Jul 24 '14


when someone barge in u room as u singin n dancin


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Jul 24 '14
Jul 24 '14

the first three words you see are what you want in life